Experiences are one of the most valuable assets for each company which make successes. Around 17 years of working experience as well as academic and technical educations, have made us a successful software company with satisfied clients.

Parnia Software Inc. History

It was 2005 when the foundation of Parnia Software Inc. stablished for the first time by its founder Mohammad Saberi. At that time, he was a computer science student at the university. Comparing different aspects of his field of study caused to choose software development as his favorite.
Many of years past, and Mohammad gathered different knowledge and experiences in both technical and business sides. During these years, ParniaGroup was our brand for our activity. Too many of customers used different services and solutions which were provided by ParniaGroup.
After about 14 years, the official company stablished at October 2nd, 2019 and Parnia Software Incorporation began a new period of its life. The team had 3 members at first, but we could grow and we are about 10 now.
We have past many of issues in our growth path, and we have many of them in the future too. But we are sure we will reach our visions and targets, and will become a well-known brand in the world in our desired market.