Helpical Ticketing Software System

Helpical is a ticketing, helpdesk and issue tracking system which makes all kinds of SMBs and Enterprises able to manage, track, and respond to internal and external issues.

Helpical Ticketing Software System

Spreadsheet of data on different media makes many difficulties to use them in an appropriate way. Imagine your company while it is receiving support requests via phone calls, emails, internet messengers, etc. Your data in this way is not collected in a centralized database. Therefore, you as the owner or manager of that company, and your staff as those who should response to such requests have a big issue on reaching to that requests. On the other hand, many of other problems will happen when you have not a centralized and online mechanism to manage, control, and response to requests.

Helpical Ticketing Software System is a suitable solution to solve what we have talked above. You can use this application as a helpdesk, issue tracking and even a CRM platform to manage all your internal and external issue among staff or customers. In addition, using gathered data, you are able to make the best decisions for your organization based on the real data and analysis.

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Helpical Ticketing System has decreased our response time up to 70% and has helped us to have more satisfied students in the university. Now, everything is logged and all issues are traceable thanks to Helpical features.


Manager of IT Department Azad University of Tehran (South Branch)

We are so thankful for the appropriate and agile support services provided by you.Simple and professional user interface of Helpical Ticketing System was our first requirement to choose this software for our company.


Founder & CEO of Virakam

Helpical Ticketing System helps our users to work with it and manage their issues easily byits user friendly GUI and professional features. In addition, the support services provided by your team have been so much desirable.


Founder & CEO of ptmco