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To cover the e-learning requirements of our customers, EasyWebinar as one of our sub-brands born at 2019.

We provide the software and hardware infrastructure of lunching webinars and virtual classes by using different platforms. Having high quality servers in the best datacenters, and using the well-known software platforms made us a reliable option while customers are making decisions for the best services provider. Does not matter how many participants there are in the classes. We support 1 to 2000 users per each service with the highest quality.

Our customers are free to choose their desired plans. We have "Pay as you go" strategy for them, and the purchased services can be upgraded every time.

To know more about this service, please visit www.easywebinar.ir.

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Dr. Majid Ebnonnasir

CEO at Araz Co.

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Mahmood Rangamiz

Technical lead at irfinance.ir